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I created a handmade box of customized index cards for all the previous versions of Civilization.  Each wonder, improvement and unit had its own card with the cost, prerequisites, benefits and other stats.  I started making a new set of index cards by hand for SMAC and after about 25 cards it occurred to me that I could just as easily type them up and post them on the web for others to use as well.  After one week of pretty solid work, they are good enough for release (more to come ... and hopefully you can help me improve the ones out there now!)

Of course you can browse the cards online (279 cards already) using the arrows in the top left corner of each page ... however I designed each page so that you could print it out (on a color printer if possible) and easily create your own set of Index Cards!  Just fold the paper in half lengthwise and glue the two sides together (for front and back sides, plus it makes it more like an index card than a flimsy sheet of paper).  Then just cut the three cards out from the sheet!

The back side is often blank so you can write your own hints there.   However ... if you have hints for any card, I hope you will share it with us (I can type up the hints people submit ... maybe by the time SMAC is released we can have an interesting set of cards!)


NOTE: Different Browsers print the cards differently (unfortunately). Netscape seems to work best at first blush. The cards are coded to have a specific height for each cell, and now I have "tricked" the browser into keeping that height of 3 inches!


Index Cards Help

To make 3 index cards from the Index Card pages:

  1. Set your browser to half inch margins
  2. Optional: Set your browser to not print headers and footers
  3. Print just page 1 of 1 (page 2 will just be these instructions ... print them if you want, but they will be the same at the bottom of every page!).
  4. Print one test page and check it out. If it does not print the borders on the left AND right sides, try decreasing the left and right margins (I have to set my Netscape to smaller margins (0.3") to get it to work, while Microsoft Internet Explorer works just fine as stated).  Likewise, the third card on the page should also have a double line across the bottom.  Reduce the margin settings if it is getting cut off.
  5. Once it prints correctly right down the settings so you have them later if more index cards are posted.
  6. To make your index cards from the printout:
  7. Make sure each card is 3" high (the same as an index card).  The width will be a bit less than a normal index card (4.25 inches rather than 5 inches).
  8. Note: this is setup for USA printing.  Apparantly it works with printing in other countries as well.  An index card in cm is 7.6 by 12.7 cm ... these cards should be 7.6cm tall.


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