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cardsizeGaia's StepdaughtersGaia's Stepdaughters
Agenda: Green Democracy
Tech: Centauri Ecology (E1a)

EfficiencyEfficiency +2 (Commendable Efficiency)
MoraleMorale -1 (-1 Morale)
PolicePolice -1 (one police unit allowed. no nerve stapling)
PlanetPlanet +1 (Can capture Mindworms; Eco safeguards) ... (+25% Mindworm capture)
+1 Nutrients from fungus squares
Society Model: May not use Free Market Economics

Gaia's StepdaughtersGaia's Stepdaughters
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
MoraleMorale: Fundamentalism, Power, Thought Control
PolicePolice: Police State, Thought Control
Boost the Positive:
EfficiencyEfficiency: Democratic, Green, Knowledge, Cybernetic
PlanetPlanet: Green, Cybernetic

cardsizeHuman HiveHuman Hive
Agenda: Atheist Police State
Tech: Doctrine: Loyalty (C2a)

EconomyEconomy -2 (-1 energy each base)
GrowthGrowth +1 (+10% growth rate)
IndustryIndustry +1 (-10% mineral costs)
Free Perimeter Defense each base. Normal cost: 50 Note: Project: Citizens' Defense Force (E3b) cost 300, also gives free Perimeter Defense at each base
Society Model: May not use Democratic Politics
May switch to Police State immediately

Human HiveHuman Hive
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
EconomyEconomy: Free Market, Wealth, Eudaimonia
Boost the Positive:
GrowthGrowth: Planned, Eudaimonia
IndustryIndustry: Planned, Wealth, Eudaimonia

cardsizeMorgan IndustriesMorgan Industries
Agenda: Free Market Econ; ProIndustry
Tech: Industrial Base (B1a)

EconomyEconomy +1 (+1 energy each base)
SupportSupport -1 (one unit no mineral support per base)
100 extra Energy Credits at start of game
Need Hab Complex for bases to exceed size 4
Creature comforts at a premium
Commerce: bonus boosts treaties, pacts, loans value
Society Model: May not use Planned Economics
May build Synthmetal Sentinal immediately

Morgan IndustriesMorgan Industries
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
SupportSupport: Police State, Power
Boost the Positive:
EconomyEconomy: Free Market, Wealth, Eudaimonia

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