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cardsizePolicePolice (Society Effects)

Police - Less-5 (+2 drones per military unit away from base)
Police - Less-4 (+1 drone per military unit away from base)
Police - Less-3 (+1 drone if more than 1 military unit away)
Police - Less-2 (can't use military as police; no nerve stapling)
Police - Less-1 (one police unit allowed; no nerve stapling)
Police - Normal0 (can use 1 military unit as police)
Police - More1 (can use up to 2 military units as police)
Police - More2 (can use up to 3 military units as police)
Police - More3 (can use 3 military units as police and
            police effect doubles )

PolicePolice (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

A high score allows you to use military units as police to suppress Drone Riots. A low score increases tension when your military units are away from home.
Negative effects to Police:
Police - Less(Gaia), Free Market, Cybernetic
Positive effects to Police:
Police - More(Spartan), Police State, Thought Control

cardsizeProbeProbe (Society Effects)

Probe - Less-2 (enemy probe success increased at 1/2 cost)
Probe - Less-1 (enemy probe success increased at 1/4 cost)
Probe - Normal0 means normal security measures
Probe - More1 (+1 Probe morale; +50% cost to enemy probe)
Probe - More2 (+2 Probe morale; double cost to enemy probe)
Probe - More3 (+3 Probe morale; bases & units can't be probed)

ProbeProbe (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Probe affects your vulnerability (or strength) on security issues. A high score will help prevent enemy probe team attacks.
Negative effects to Probe:
Probe - Less (University), Knowledge
Positive effects to Probe:
Probe - More (Believers), Fundamentalist, Thought Control

cardsizeResearchResearch (Society Effects)
Research - Less-5 (-50% lab research)
Research - Less-4 (-40% lab research)
Research - Less-3 (-30% lab research)
Research - Less-2 (-20% lab research)
Research - Less-1 (-10% lab research)
Research - Normal0 (normal research rate)
Research - More1 (+10% lab research)
Research - More2 (+20% lab research)
Research - More3 (+30% lab research)
Research - More4 (+40% lab research)
Research - More5 (+50% lab research )
ResearchResearch (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Research affects your technological progress. A higher score will increase the rate at which you make breakthroughs.
Negative effects to Research:
Research - Less(Believers), Fundamentalist,
Positive effects to Research:
Research - More(University), Knowledge, Cybernetic

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