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cardsizeChaos Gun (Unit Weapon)
Prereq: Superstring Theory (C5a)
Prev: C2c (C1a, D1b), B4a (D2a, E3b)

Firepower: 8

A unit's weapon strength determines its combat strength with which it attacks. The more powerful the weapon the stronger the attack.

Chaos Gun (Unit Weapon)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeColony Module (Unit Weapon)
Prereq: --

Firepower: 0
Cost: 10

Used to create Colony Pods. Units with Colony Modules can build new bases. If a Colony Module is installed on a sea-going unit, bases can be constructed at sea.

Colony Module (Unit Weapon)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeConventional Payload
   (Unit Weapon)

Prereq: Orbital Spaceflight (D6b)
Prev: E5b (E4c, E2a), D5b (C4a, B4a)

Firepower: 12

Used to create conventional missiles. Can only be used with Missile chassis. Strengths are:
Fission: 9
Fusion: 18
Quantum: 27
Singularity: 36

Conventional Payload
Hints & Tips

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