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cardsizeSky Hydroponics LabSky Hydroponics Lab
Cost: 120 
   Maintenance: 0

Prereq: Orbital Spaceflight (D6b)

  1. +1 NUTRIENT at every base
  2. Requires Aerospace Complex
  3. Nutrient increase is halved for bases without Aerospace Complexes (and cannot in any event exceed the size of the base)
Sky Hydroponics LabSky Hydroponics Lab
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Growth

cardsizeStockpile EnergyStockpile Energy
Cost: 0    Maintenance: 0

Prereq: ---

  1. All MINERALS produced at base are immediately converted to ECONOMY energy reserves (2 MINERALS to 1 ENERGY)
Stockpile EnergyStockpile Energy
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Energy

cardsizeTachyon FieldTachyon Field
Cost: 120
     Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Probability Mechanics (B7c)

  1. +1 defense multiplier of base
  2. Cumulative with Perimeter Defense to effectively triple defense strength at base
Tachyon FieldTachyon Field
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Military Defense

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