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cardsizeGravship (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Graviton Theory (E13a)
Prev: B12b (D11a, E8c), C6a (E5b, C4b)

Moves: Air 8
Cargo: 1
Fuel: Unlimited
Cost: 8

All the advantages of aircraft with none of the range limitations. Gravships can move swiftly over land and sea, and need never return to friendly bases for refueling.

Gravship (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeHovertank (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Nanominiaturization (B8a)

Prev: B6a (C5a, B4b), C7a (D6a, E4c)

Moves: Land 3
Cargo: 1
Cost: 3
Attack Benefit: +25% in open terrain

Never penalized for moving through difficult terrain. It never costs more than one move for a Hovertank to enter a square.

Hovertank (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeInfantry (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: --

Moves: Land 1
Cargo: 1
Cost: 1
Attack Benefit: +25% against enemy base directly

Infantry move slowly but are inexpensive and have important advantages in battle.

Infantry (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

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