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cardsizeSynthmetal Armor (unit armor)
Prereq: Industrial Base (B1a)

Strength: 2 (blue)

Armor strength determines its combat strength when attacked. The stronger the armor the better the defense.

Synthmetal Armor (unit armor)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeArmor Progression (unit armor)

1 -   None
2 -   Synthmetal Armor (blue)
3 -   Plasma Steel Armor (red)
4 -   Silksteel Armor (yellow green)
5 -   Photon Wall (gray with white stripes)
6 -   Probability Sheath (light gray)
8 -   Neutronium Armor (yellow)
10 - Antimatter Plate (gray)
12 - Stasis Generator (gray with red circle crosses)

Psi - Psi Defense (light brown tubes on gray)

Armor Progression (unit armor)
Hints & Tips

2 - Synthmetal prereq: Industrial Base B1a
3 - Plasma Steel prereq: High Energy Chemistry C2b
4 - Silksteel Armor prereq: Silksteel Alloys B4b
5 - Photon Wall preq: Photon/Wave Mechanics C6b
6 - Probability Sheath: Probability Mechanics B7c
8 - Neutronium prereq: Matter Compression C9a
10 - Antimatter prereq: Matter Editation B12a
12 - Stasis prereq: Temporal Mechanics B14a
Psi - Psi Defense prereq: Eudaimonia E12a


Hints & Tips

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