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cardsizeProbe Team (Unit Weapon)
Prereq: Planetary Networks (D2a)
Prev: D1b

Firepower: 0
Cost: 4

Probe Teams can infiltrate and subvert enemy bases and units. They also can steal enemy research information, sabotage base facilities, assassinate key enemy personnel and conduct genetic warfare. The higher a probe team's morale level, the more likely it is to survive increasingly more complex missions.

Probe Team (Unit Weapon)
Hints & Tips

Keep a Probe Team in your base to defend against Probe attacks. If a probe team is present in a square when an enemy probe team tries to enter, a combat is resolved between them. Usually the probe team with the highest morale level wins.

Probe Teams often receive morale increases when they complete missions successfully.

cardsizePsi Attack (Unit Weapon)
Centauri Psi (E8a)
Prev: E7a (E5a, C6c), B7a (D6a, B5a)

Firepower: -1
Cost: 10

The Psi Attack weapon allows a conventional unit to make Psi attacks. Weapons and armor are ignored in Psi Combat, and the attacker receives a 3 to 2 advantage on land (1 to 1 at sea).

Psi Attack (Unit Weapon)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeQuantum Laser (Unit Weapon)
Prereq: Quantum Machinery (B12b)
Prev: D11a (D10b, B6b), E8c (B7c, E4a)

Firepower: 16

A unit's weapon strength determines its combat strength with which it attacks. The more powerful the weapon the stronger the attack.

Quantum Laser (Unit Weapon)
Hints & Tips

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