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cardsizeEconomyEconomy (Society Effects)

Economy - Less-3 (-2 energy each base)
Economy - Less-2 (-1 energy each base)
Economy - Less-1 (-1 energy at HQ base)
Economy - Normal0 (standard energy rates)
Economy - More1 (+1 energy each base)
Economy - More2 (+1 energy each square)
Economy - More3 (+1 energy each square and
            +1 commerce rating)

EconomyEconomy (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Economy represents the raw strength of your society's economy. Increasing this value will increase your energy flow.
Negative effects to Economy:
Economy - Less(Hive)
Positive effects to Economy:
Economy - More(Morgan), Free Market, Wealth, Eudaimonia

cardsizeEfficiencyEfficiency (Society Effects)

Efficiency - Less-4 (Economic Paralysis)
Efficiency - Less-3 (Murderous inefficiency)
Efficiency - Less-2 (Appalling inefficiency)
Efficiency - Less-1 (Gross inefficiency)
Efficiency - Normal0 (High inefficiency)
Efficiency - More1 (Reasonable inefficiency)
Efficiency - More2 (Commendable efficiency)
Efficiency - More3 (Exemplary efficiency)
Efficiency - More4 (Paradigm Economy)

EfficiencyEfficiency (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Efficiency represents your society's ability to function without waste and mismanagement. If this value falls too low, your bases will begin to lose energy to inefficiency.
Negative effects to Efficiency:
Efficiency - Less(Peacekeeping), Police State, Planned
Positive effects to Efficiency:
Efficiency - More(Gaia), Democratic, Green, Knowledge, Cybernetic

cardsizeEfficiencyGrowth (Society Effects)

Growth - Less-3 (Zero Population Growth)
Growth - Less-2 (-20% growth rate)
Growth - Less-1 (-10% growth rate)
Growth - Normal0 (Normal growth rate)
Growth - More1 (+10% growth rate)
Growth - More2 (+20% growth rate)
Growth - More3 (+30% growth rate)
Growth - More4 (+40% growth rate)
Growth - More5 (+50% growth rate)
Growth - More6 (Population Boom)

EfficiencyGrowth (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Growth affects your population growth rate. The higher your score, the fewer nutrients your bases will need to grow.
Negative effects to Growth:
Growth - LessGreen
Positive effects to Growth:
Growth - More(Hive), Democratic, Planned, Eudaimonia

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