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cardsizeDoctrine: Air PowerDoctrine: Air Power
Category: Explore 
   Level: 5 (E5b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Synthetic Fossil Fuels (E4c)
Doctrine: Flexibility (E2a)
@ Mind / Machine Interface (C6a)
@ Orbital Spaceflight (D6b)

Chassis Types: Needlejet (8)
Abilities: Air Superiority
Facilities: Aerospace Complex
Doctrine: Air PowerDoctrine: Air Power
Hints & Tips

cardsizeDoctrine: FlexibilityDoctrine: Flexibility
Category: Explore 
   Level: 2 (E2a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Doctrine: Mobility (E1b)
@ Adv Military Algorithms (C4a)
@ Doctrine: Initiative (E4a)
@ Doctrine: Air Power (E5b)

Chassis Types: Foil (4)
Weapons: Troop Transport (Equipment)
Unit Types: Transport Foil
Facilities: Pressure Dome
Doctrine: FlexibilityDoctrine: Flexibility
Hints & Tips

cardsizeDoctrine: InitiativeDoctrine: Initiative
Category: Explore 
   Level: 4 (E4a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Doctrine: Flexibility (E2a)
Industrial Automation (B3b)
@ Nanomeetallurgy (E8c)
@ Homo Superior (E8b)

Chassis Types: Cruiser (6)
Abilities: Amphibious Pods
Facilities: Naval Yard
Project: Maritime Control Center
Doctrine: InitiativeDoctrine: Initiative
Hints & Tips

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