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cardsizePeacekeeping ForcesPeacekeeping Forces
Agenda: Humanitarian Ideals, Democracy
Tech: Biogenetics (D1a)

EfficiencyEfficiency -1 (Gross Inefficiency)
Extra Talent for every 4 citizens
May exceed Hab Complex limit by 2
Double votes in elections for Planetary Governor
Double votes in elections for Supreme Leader
Society Model: May not use Police State Politics
May build Recycling Tanks immediately

Peacekeeping ForcesPeacekeeping Forces
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
EfficiencyEfficiency: Democratic, Green, Knowlege, Cybernetic
Note: Project: Clinical Immortality (B12a) cost 500 can double votes again.
Note: Project: Empath Guild (E3a) cost 200 can add 50% votes.

cardsizeSpartan FederationSpartan Federation
Agenda: Right To Keep And Bear Arms
Tech: Doctrine: Mobility (E1b)

MoraleMorale +2 (+1 Morale & +2 on defense)
PolicePolice +1 (can use up to 2 military units as police)
IndustryIndustry -1 (+10% mineral costs)
Prototype units do not cost extra minerals
Note: Skunkworks (D3a) cost 60 & maintenance 1 can give this ability to the base it is built in.
Society Model: May not use Wealth Values
You start game with a Rover (moves 2 squares)

Spartan FederationSpartan Federation
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
IndustryIndustry: Planned, Eudaimonia
Boost the Positive:
MoraleMorale: Fundamentalism, Power, Thought Control
PolicePolice: Police State, Thought Control
Starting Tech allows building Rovers immediately! It also is the only prerequisite to Doctrine: Flexibility that allows seafaring units!

cardsizeThe Lord's BelieversThe Lord's Believers
Agenda: Life of Religious Worship
Tech: Social Psych (B1b)

SupportSupport +2 (4 units no mineral support)
PlanetPlanet -1 (-1 Fungus prod-increase Eco damage)
ProbeProbe +1 (+1 probe morale & +50% cost to enemy probe)
ResearchResearch -2 (-20% lab research)
+25% attack bonus
No research until MY 2110
Society Model: May not use Knowledge Values

cardsizeThe Lord's BelieversThe Lord's Believers
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
PlanetPlanet: Green, Cybernetic
ResearchResearch: Cybernetic
Boost the Positive:
SupportSupport: Police State, Power
ProbeProbe: Fundamentalism, Thought Control

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