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cardsizeAirbase (Former)
Prereq: Doctrine: Air Power (E5b)
Base Turns to completion: 10
. (period)

An airbase allows friendly air units to land and refuel.

Airbase (Former)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeAquifer (Former)
Prereq: Ecological Engineering (E4b)
Base Turns to completion: 18

Drilling to an aquifer creates a new river beginning in its square.

Aquifer (Former)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeBunker (Former)
Prereq: Adv Military Algorithms (C4a)
Base Turns to completion: 5
+50% Defense bonus on square

A bunker improves the defense value of its square. Units defending in bunkers gain +50% to their defense.

Bunker (Former)
Hints & Tips

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