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cardsizeHab ComplexHab Complex
Cost: 80 
   Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Industrial Automation (B3b)

  1. Allows population of base to grow beyond size 7
Hab ComplexHab Complex
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Growth
Note: Growth stops again at size 14 unless you also build a Habitation Dome.

cardsizeHabitation DomeHabitation Dome
Cost: 160    Maintenance: 4

Prereq: Super Tensile Solids (B10a)

  1. Allows population of base to grow beyond size 14
  2. Base must already have HAB COMPLEX
Habitation DomeHabitation Dome
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Growth

Cost: 50
     Maintenance: 0

Prereq: ---

  1. +1 ENERGY
  2. No inefficiency
  3. Immune to enemy probe team mind control here
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Energy, Probe, Efficiency

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