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cardsizeDoctrine: LoyaltyDoctrine: Loyalty
Category: Conquer 
   Level: 2 (C2a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Doctrine: Mobility (E1b)
Social Psych (B1b)
@ Intellectual Integrity (E3b)

Facilities: Perimeter Defense
Project: Command Nexus
Socio/Economic Model: Police State
Hive starts with this Tech
Doctrine: LoyaltyDoctrine: Loyalty
Hints & Tips

cardsizeDoctrine: MobilityDoctrine: Mobility
Category: Explore 
   Level: 1 (E1b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
@ Doctrine: Flexibility (E2a)
@ Doctrine: Loyalty (C2a)

Chassis Types: Speeder (2)
Facilities: Command Center
Spartans start with this Tech
Doctrine: MobilityDoctrine: Mobility
Hints & Tips

cardsizeEcological EngineeringEcological Engineering
Category: Explore 
   Level: 4 (E4b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Centauri Ecology (E1a)
Gene Splicing (B3a)
@ Centauri Meditation (E5a)
@ Environmental Economics (B5b)

Ecological EngineeringEcological Engineering
Hints & Tips

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