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cardsizeIndustrial NanoroboticsIndustrial Nanorobotics
Category: Build 
   Level: 9 (B9a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Nanominiaturization (B8a)
Industrial Automation (B3b)
@ Frictionless Surfaces (D10b)
@ Digital Sentience (D10a)

Facilities: Robotic Assembly Plant
Project: Nano Factory
Industrial NanoroboticsIndustrial Nanorobotics
Hints & Tips

cardsizeInformation NetworksInformation Networks
Category: Discover 
   Level: 1 (D1b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
@ Nonlinear Mathematics (C2c)
@ Polymorphic Software (D2b)
@ Planetary Networks (D2a)

Facilities: Network Node
University starts with this Tech
Information NetworksInformation Networks
Hints & Tips

cardsizeIntellectual IntegrityIntellectual Integrity
Category: Explore 
   Level: 3 (E3b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Ethical Calculus (E2b)
Doctrine Loyalty (C2a)
@ Cyberethics (B4a)
@ Planetary Economics (B6b)

Abilities: High Morale
         Non-Lethal Methods
Project: Citizens' Defense Force
Intellectual IntegrityIntellectual Integrity
Hints & Tips

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