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cardsizeTheory of EverythingTheory of Everything
Cost:  400

Prereq: Unified Field Theory (C7b)

  • Doubles LABS output at THIS base
Theory of EverythingTheory of Everything
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Research

cardsizeUniversal TranslatorUniversal Translator
Cost:  400

Prereq: Homo Superior (E8b)

  • 2 Free TECH ADVANCES when completed
  • Any number of Alien Artifacts can be cashed at THIS base
Universal TranslatorUniversal Translator
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Research

cardsizeVirtual WorldVirtual World
Cost:  300

Prereq: Planetary Networks (D2a)

  • Network Nodes count as Hologram Theatres (normal cost 60 maintenance 3)
  • -2 DRONES in THIS base
  • +50% Psych output in THIS base
Virtual WorldVirtual World
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Psych

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