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cardsizePolitics: Frontier (Society Model)

Prereq: None (Starting Political Model)

Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research
No Effects

Politics: Frontier (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

cardsizePolitics: Fundamentalist (Society Model)

Prereq: Secrets of the Human Brain (D2c)
Prev: B1b, D1a

Morale - MoreMorale 1 (+1 Morale)
Probe - MoreProbe 2 (+2 Probe morale and
            double cost to enemy probe)
Research - LessResearch -2 (-20% lab research)
Economy Efficiency Support Police Growth Planet Industry No Effects
University may not use Fundamentalist Politics

Politics: Fundamentalist (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
Research - LessResearch: Knowledge, Cybernetic
Boost the Positive:
Morale - MoreMorale: (Spartan), Power, Thought Control
Probe - MoreProbe: (Believers), Thought Control

cardsizePolitics: Police State (Society Model)

Prereq: Doctrine: Loyalty (C2a)
Prev: E1b, B1b

Efficiency - LessEfficiency -2 (Appalling inefficiency)
Support - MoreSupport 2 (4 units no Mineral support per base)
Police - MorePolice 2 (can use up to 3 military units as police)
Economy Morale Growth Planet Probe Industry ResearchNo Effects
Peacekeeping may not use Police State Politics

Politics: Police State (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
Efficiency - LessEfficiency: (Gaia), Green, Knowledge, Cybernetic
Boost the Positive:
Support - MoreSupport: (Believers), Power
Police - MorePolice: (Spartan), Thought Control

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