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cardsizeAerospace ComplexAerospace Complex
Cost: 80 
   Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Doctrine: Air Power (E5b)

  1. Repairs damaged air units quickly
  2. Air units built here get +2 morale upgrades
  3. Allows space-based improvements
Aerospace ComplexAerospace Complex
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Repair, Military, Morale

cardsizeBioenhancement CenterBioenhancement Center
Cost: 100    Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Neural Grafting (C4b)

  1. All military units built here receive +2 morale upgrades
  2. Any alien lifeforms bred here gain 1 lifecycle bonus
Bioenhancement CenterBioenhancement Center
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Miltary, Morale

cardsizeBiology LabBiology Lab
Cost: 60
     Maintenance: 1

Prereq: Centauri Empathy (E3a)

  1. +2 labs per turn
  2. Any alien lifeforms bred here gain +1 lifecycle bonus
Biology LabBiology Lab
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Research, Alien

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1999 Alpha Centauri Heaven (microNOTIONS)
[Image/Sound Effect] from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri copyright 1998 Firaxis Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.