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cardsizeResearch HospitalResearch Hospital
Cost: 120 
   Maintenance: 3

Prereq: Gene Splicing (B3a)

  1. +25% PSYCH at base
  2. +50% LABS at base
  3. -1 DRONE
  4. Reduces population loss caused by genetic warfare and other disease outbreaks
Research HospitalResearch Hospital
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Psych, Research, Growth

cardsizeRobotic Assembly PlantRobotic Assembly Plant
Cost: 200    Maintenance: 4

Prereq: Industrial Nanorobotics (B9a)

  1. +50% MINERALS at base
  2. Cumulative with all other facilities of this type
Robotic Assembly PlantRobotic Assembly Plant
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Industry

Cost: 60
     Maintenance: 1

Prereq: Adv Subatomic Theory (D3a)

  1. Eliminates additional cost to prototype new units at this base
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Industry?, Military?

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