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cardsizeAAA Tracking (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Adv Military Algorithms (C4a)
Prev: E2a (E1b), D3b (C1a, D2b)

Ability: Double air attack defense

The AAA Tracking ability doubles a unit's defense against air and missile attacks.

AAA Tracking (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeAir Superiority (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Doctrine: Air Power (E5b)
Prev: E4c (C2b, B3a), E2a (E1b)

Ability: Attacks air units
Cost: 1

Doubles combat advantage when attacking other air units in flight but gets -50% penalty against ground or sea units. Air-to-air combat is resovled by comparing attack factors (ignoring armor). Note that even ground and sea units can be equipped with the SAM missiles to confer this ability.

Air Superiority (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeAmphibious Pods (Sp Abilities)
Prereq: Doctrine: Initiative (E4a)
Prev: E2a (E1b), B3b (B2aD2a)

Ability: Attack from ship
Cost: 1

Amphibious Pods allow a ground unit to attack directly from a sea square when disembarking from a transport. Units with Amphibious Pods may also move and attack across the channels between Sea Bases and continents.

Amphibious Pods (Sp Abilities)
Hints & Tips

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