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cardsizeForest (Former)
Prereq: --
Base Turns to completion: 4
Provides 1 nutrient, 2 minerals, 1 energy

A forest square will provide a balanced but limited production of nutrient, minerals and energy.

Forest (Former)
Hints & Tips

Forest square production is dramatically increased for bases containing a Tree Farm (nutrient) and / or Hybrid Forest (nutrient and energy).

Forests will sometimes expand into adjacent squares, even driving out fungus in the process.

cardsizeFungus - Plant (Former)
Prereq: Ecological Engineering (E4b)
Base Turns to completion: 6
Provides benefits with proper Technologies

Formers can plant fungus on land while Sea Formers can cultivate fungus in the sea. Production in fungus squares increases with each "Centauri" technology you discover.

Fungus impedes movement of ground units but acts like a road for Mindworms. It has a defensive value agains other human players.

Fungus - Plant (Former)
Hints & Tips

"Centauri" technologies are:
E1a - Centauri Ecology
E3a - Centauri Empathy
E5a - Centauri Meditation
E7a - Centauri Genetics
E8a - Centauri Psi

cardsizeFungus -Remove (Former)
Prereq: --
Base Turns to completion: 6
F (must be on a fungus square)

Removes fungus or (sea fungus for a Sea Former) from square.

Use hotkey Ctrl+Shift+F for Automatic Fungus Removal.

Fungus - Remove (Former)
Hints & Tips

Allows you to build roads on squares before you get the technology that allows you to build roads on fungus squares.

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