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cardsizeEmpath Song (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Centauri Empathy (E3a)
Prev: D2c (B1b, D1a), E1a

Ability: +50% Psi Attack bonus
Cost: 2

Unit gains a +50% attack bonus against units which employ a Psi Defense (Mindworms and other alien creatures).

Empath Song (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeFungicide Tanks (Sp Abilities)
Prereq: Synthetic Fossil Fuels (E4c)
Prev: C2b (B1a, C1a), B3a (D1a, E2b)

Ability: Clear Fungus twice as fast
Cost: 1

Allows a terraformer to clear Xenofungus twice the normal rate. Only terraforming units can use this ability.

Fungicide Tanks (Sp Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeHeavy Artillery (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Polymorphic Software (D2b)
Prev: B1a, d1b

Ability: Bombardment
Cost: Defense+Speed-2

Unit bombards the target from a distance up to 2 squares away rather than directly. They also attack every unit in the square with one attack. However, bombardment cannot destroy units, only damage them to 50% (or 10%) health unless attacking another artillery or sea unit. Then it is an Artillery Duel.

Heavy Artillery (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

Sea units always have this ability (keyboard commad F to fire) but may also attack directly.

Artillery Duel is decided by attack vs attack strengths (armor is ignored).

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