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cardsize'Copter (Unit Chassis)
Mind / Machine Interface (C6a)
Prev: E5b (E4c, E2a),C4b (D2c,B3b)

Moves: Air 8
Cargo: 1
Fuel: 1 turn
Cost: 8

'Copters should return to a friendly base or airbase at the end of every trun for refueling. If it is unable to do so and must land temporarily in the field it incurs 30% damage.

'Copter (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeCruiser (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Doctrine: Initiative (E4a)

Prev: E2a (E1b), B3b (B2a, D2a)

Moves: Sea 6
Cargo: 4 * Reactor
Cost: 6

With sufficient industrial infrastructure, large Cruiser units can be produced. These larger vessels make formidable naval units as well as the most efficient transports.

Cruiser (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeFoil (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Doctrine: Flexibility (E2a)

Prev: E1b

Moves: Sea 4
Cargo: 2* Reactor
Cost: 4

Foils can be used to create effective sea transports and sea patrols.

Foil (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

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