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cardsizeMissile (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Orbital Spaceflight (D6b)
Prev: E5b (E4c, E2a), D5b (C4a, B4a)

Moves: Air 12
Fuel: 1 turn
Cost: 12

Missiles can be used to mount powerful conventional payloads (Fission 9, Fusion 18, Quantum 27, Singularity 36) or spectacular quasi-nuclear Planet Busters. Missiles are of course eliminated when they attack.

Missile (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeNeedlejet (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Doctrine: Air Power (E5b)
Prev: E4c (C2b, B3a), E2a (E1b)

Moves: Air 8
Cargo: 1
Fuel: 2 turns
Cost: 8

Must return to a friendly base or airbase every other turn for refueling.

Needlejet (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeSpeeder (Unit Chassis)
Prereq: Doctrine: Mobility (E1b)

Moves: Land 2
Cargo: 1
Cost: 2
Attack Benefit: +25% in open terrain
Defense Benefit: Can disengage from combat when surprised by slower enemy infantry

Used for the Rover units.

Speeder (Unit Chassis)
Hints & Tips

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