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cardsizeIndustryIndustry (Society Effects)

Industry - Less-3 (+30% Mineral costs)
Industry - Less-2 (+20% Mineral costs)
Industry - Less-1 (+10% Mineral costs)
Industry - Normal0 (Normal production rate)
Industry - More1 (-10% Mineral costs)
Industry - More2 (-20% Mineral costs)
Industry - More3 (-30% Mineral costs)
Industry - More4 (-40% Mineral costs)
Industry - More5 (-50% Mineral costs )

IndustryIndustry (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Industry represents your manufacturing strength. A high score reduced the number of minerals required to build units and facilities.
Negative effects to Industry:
Industry - Less(Spartan), Power
Positive effects to Industry:
Industry - More(Hive), Planned, Wealth, Eudaimonia

cardsizeMoraleMorale (Society Effects)

Morale - Less-4 (-3 Morale and +modifiers halved)
Morale - Less-3 (-2 Morale and +modifiers halved)
Morale - Less-2 (-1 Morale and +modifiers halved)
Morale - Less-1 (-1 Morale)
Morale - Normal0 (Normal Morale)
Morale - More1 (+1 Morale)
Morale - More2 (+1 Morale (+2 on defense))
Morale - More3 (+2 Morale (+3 on defense))
Morale - More4 (+3 Morale )

MoraleMorale (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Morale affects the training and determination of your military. A higher score here translates directly into Morale Upgrades for your units.
Negative effects to Morale:
Morale - Less(Gaia), Wealth, Eudaimonia
Positive effects to Morale:
Morale - More(Spartan), Fundamentalist, Power, ThoughtControl

cardsizePlanetPlanet (Society Effects)

Planet - Less-3 (-3 Fungus production (wanton eco damage))
Planet - Less-2 (-2 Fungus production (rampant eco damage))
Planet - Less-1 (-1 Fungus production (increased eco damage))
Planet - Normal0 (Normal ecological tension)
Planet - More1 (+25% Mindworm capture (Eco safeguards))
Planet - More2 (+50% Mindworm capture (Eco harmony))
Planet - More3 (+75% Mindworm capture (Eco wisdom))

PlanetPlanet (Society Effects)
Hints & Tips

Planet represents your society's sensitivity to the Ecology of Planet. A low score indicates that ecological damage will occur more quickly.
Negative effects to Planet:
Planet - Less(Believers), Free Market
Positive effects to Planet:
Planet - More(Gaia), Green, Cybernetic

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