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cardsizeEconomics: Simple (Society Model)

Prereq: None (Starting Economic Model)

Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research
No Effects

Economics: Simple (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeFuture Society: Cybernetic (Society Model)

Prereq: Digital Sentience (D10a)
Prev: D10a, B9a (B8a, B3b), C6a (E5b, C4b)

Efficiency - MoreEfficiency 2 (Commendable efficiency)
Police - LessPolice -3 (+1 drone if more than 1 military away)
Planet - MorePlanet 2 (+50% Mindworm capture (Eco harmony))
Research - MoreResearch 2 (+20% lab research)
EconomySupport Morale Growth Probe Industry No Effects

Future Society: Cybernetic (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
Police - LessPolice: (Spartan), Police State
Boost the Positive:
Efficiency - MoreEfficiency: (Gaia), Democratic, Green, Knowledge
Planet - MorePlanet: (Gaia), Green
Research - MoreResearch: (University), Knowledge

cardsizeFuture Society: Eudaimonic (Society Model)

Prereq: Eudaimonia (E12a)
Prev: E11a (B6b, D10a), E9a (E8b, E8a)

Economy - MoreEconomy 2 (+1 energy each square)
Morale - LessMorale -2 (-1 Morale and +modifiers halved)
Growth - MoreGrowth 2 (+20% growth rate)
Industry - MoreIndustry 2 (-20% Mineral costs)
Efficiency Support Police Planet Probe ResearchNo Effects

Future Society: Eudaimonic (Society Model)
Hints & Tips

Offset the Negative:
Morale - LessMorale: (Spartan), Fundamentalism, Power
Boost the Positive:
Economy - MoreEconomy: (Hive), Free Market, Weealth
Growth - MoreGrowth: (Hive), Democratic, Planned
Industry - MoreIndustry: (Hive), Wealth, Planned

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