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cardsizeAntigrav Struts (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Graviton Theory (E13a)
Prev: B12b (D11a, E8c), C6a (E5b, C4b)

Ability: +1 movement rate (Reactor*2 for air units)
Cost: 1

One extra move per turn. Ground units avoid terrain movement penalties.

Air units gain moves equal to twice their reactor value (example: a unit with a Fusion reactor gains 4 extra moves per turn).

Antigrav Struts (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeBlink Displacer (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Matter Transmission (B13a)
Prev: B12a (D11b, B10a), D12a (E8a, E11a)

Ability: Bypass base defenses
Cost: 1

Unit may ignore all base defenses (Perimeter Defense and Tachyon Field) when attacking.

Blink Displacer (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeCarrier Deck (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Nanometallurgy (E8c)
Prev: B7c (C6b, D5b), E4a (E2a, B3b)

Ability: Mobile Airbase
Cost: 1

Allows a sea going transprot to carry and refuel air units.

Carrier Deck (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

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