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cardsizePsi GatePsi Gate
Cost: 100 
   Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Matter Transmission (B13a)

  1. Units can teleport between bases containing Psi Gates
Psi GatePsi Gate
Hints & Tips

cardsizePunishment SpherePunishment Sphere
Cost: 100    Maintenance: 2

Prereq: Adv Military Algorithms (C4a)

  1. Eliminates both DRONES and TALENTS at this base
  2. Decreases vulnerability to enemy mind control
  3. -50% LABS output
Punishment SpherePunishment Sphere
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Psych?, Probe (but negative to Research)

cardsizeQuantum ConverterQuantum Converter
Cost: 200
     Maintenance: 5

Prereq: Quantum Machinery (B12b)

  1. +50% MINERALS output at base
  2. Cumulative with all other facilities of this type
Quantum ConverterQuantum Converter
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Industry
Note: Project: Singularity Inductor (C15a) cost 600 gives a Quantum Converter to every base.

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1999 Alpha Centauri Heaven (microNOTIONS)
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