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cardsizeIndustrial AutomationIndustrial Automation
Category: Build 
   Level: 3 (B3b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Industrial Economics (B2a)
Planetary Networks (D2a)
@ Silksteel Alloys (B4b)
@ Doctrine: Initiative (E4a)
@ Neural Grafting (C4b)
@Industrial Nanorobotics (B9a)
Weapons: Supply Transport (Equipment)
Unit Types: Supply Crawler
Facilities: Hab Complex
Project: Planetary Transit System
Socio/Economic Model: Wealth
Industrial AutomationIndustrial Automation
Hints & Tips

cardsizeIndustrial BaseIndustrial Base
Category: Build 
   Level: 1 (B1a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
@ Superconductor (C4c)
@ High Energy Chemistry (C2b)
@ Polymorphic Software (D2b)
@ Industrial Economics (B2a)

Defenses: Synthmetal Armor (2)
Project: Merchant Exchange
Morgan starts with this Tech
Industrial BaseIndustrial Base
Hints & Tips

cardsizeIndustrial EconomicsIndustrial Economics
Category: Build 
   Level: 2 (B2a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Industrial Base (B1a)
@ Industrial Automation (B3b)
@ Environmental Economics (B5b)

Facilities: Energy Bank
Socio/Economic Model: Free Market
Industrial EconomicsIndustrial Economics
Hints & Tips

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