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cardsizeHigh Morale (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Intellectual integrity (E3b)
Prev: E2b (B1b), C2a (E1b, B1b)

Ability: Gains morale upgrade
Cost: 1

Unit gets a +1 morale upgrade when it is created.

High Morale (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeHypnotic Trance (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Secrets of the Human Brain (D2c)
Prev: B1b D1a

Ability: +50% Psi Defense
Cost: Attack/Defense

Unit gets +50% defense bonus when attacked by units which employ Psi combat (mindworms and other alien creatures).

Hypnotic Trance (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeNerve Gas Pods (Special Abilities)
Prereq: High Energy Chemistry (C2b)
Prev: B1a, C1a

Ability: +50% attack (attrocity)
Cost: 1

Unit gains +50% attack bonus if they employ the Nerve Gas Pods. Also, if employed against a populated area they cause significant civilian casualties. Their use is considered an Attrocity.

Nerve Gas Pods (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

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