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cardsizeNon-Lethal Methods (SpAbs)
Prereq: Intellectual Integrity (E3b)
Prev: E2b (B1b), C2a (E1b, B1b)

Ability: Doubles police powers
Cost: 1

A unit counts double when used as a Police unit, eliminating two drones rather than one.

Non-Lethal Methods (SpAbs)
Hints & Tips

cardsizePolymorphic Encryption
Prereq: Pre-Sentient Algorithms (D5b)
Prev: C4a (E2a, D3b), B4a (D2a, E3b)

Ability: doubles enemy cost to subvert
Cost: 1

Units resistance to probe teams is doubled.

Polymorphic Encryption
Hints & Tips

cardsizeRepair Bay (Special Abilities)
Prereq: Nanometallurgy (E8c)
Prev: B7c (C6b, D5b), E4a (E2a, B3b)

Ability: Repairs Ground Units onboard
Cost: 1

Allows transport units to repair the units they carry while in transit.

Repair Bay (Special Abilities)
Hints & Tips

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