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cardsizeQuantum LabQuantum Lab
Cost: 240 
   Maintenance: 4

Prereq: Quantum Power (D11a)

  1. +50% ECONOMY at base
  2. +50% LABS at base
  3. Cumulative with Fusion Lab
Quantum LabQuantum Lab
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Economy, Research

cardsizeRecreation CommonsRecreation Commons
Cost: 40    Maintenance: 1

Prereq: Social Psych (B1b)

  1. -2 DRONES at base
Recreation CommonsRecreation Commons
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Psych

cardsizeRecycling TanksRecyling Tanks
Cost: 40
     Maintenance: 0

Prereq: Biogenetics (D1a)

  1. Increases NUTRIENT output of base square
  2. Increases MINERALS output of base square
  3. Increases ENERGY output of base square
Recycling TanksRecyling Tanks
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Growth, Industry, Energy

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1999 Alpha Centauri Heaven (microNOTIONS)
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