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cardsizeCondenser (Former)
Prereq: --
Base Turns to completion: 12
+1 nutrient in its square & added rainfall to surrounding squares

Increases the rainfall in its square and each surrounding square. It also gives a +1 nutrient bonus to its square.

Note: Condensers have a significant negative ecological impact.

Condenser (Former)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeEchelon Mirror (Former)
Prereq: Ecological Engineering (E4b)
Base Turns to completion: 12
+1 energy to its square & all surrounding squares with Solar Collectors plus counts as Solar Collector on its square

Increases energy collected by Solar Collectors in squares around it by +1.  Counts as a Solar Collector in its own square (but gets no bonus from neighboring Eschelon Mirrors). NOTE: Echelon Mirrors have a significant negative ecological impact.

Echelon Mirror (Former)
Hints & Tips

cardsizeFarm (Former)
Prereq: Ecological Engineering (E4b) for soil enrichment
Base Turns to completion: 4 (8 for soil enrichment)
+1 nutrient (another +1 for soil enrichment)

A Farm gives +1 nutrient to its square. If you further Soil Enrich the square you get an additional +1 nutrient (total of +2 nutrient for the square).

NOTE: Farms cannot be built on rocky squares.

Farm (Former)
Hints & Tips

Known as a Kelp Farm when Sea Formers cultivate it. There are no prereq's to build a Farm or Kelp Farm.

Soil Enrichment can only be done on squares already containing a farm and only after discovering Ecological Engineering (E4b).

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