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cardsizeCitizens' Defense ForceCitizens' Defense Force
Cost:  300

Prereq: Intellectual Integrity (E3b)

  • Counts as Perimeter Defense (normal cost 50 maintenance 0) at every base
Citizens' Defense ForceCitizens' Defense Force
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Military Defense

cardsizeClinical ImmortalityClinical Immortality
Cost:  500

Prereq: Matter Editation (B12a)

  • +1 TALENT at every base
  • Doubles your votes in elections for Planetary Governor
  • Doubles your votes in elections for Supreme Leader
    Project: Empath Guild also increases votes
Clinical ImmortalityClinical Immortality
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Psych

cardsizeCloning VatsCloning Vats
Cost:  500

Prereq: Biomachinery (B7b)

  • All bases grow every turn as long as NUTRIENT is sufficient and Hab Facilities are adequate
  • Negative effects of POWER social engineering choice is eliminated (+2 Industry)
  • Negative effects of THOUGHT CONTROL social engineering choice is eliminated (+3 Support)
Cloning VatsCloning Vats
Hints & Tips

Benefits: Growth, Industry, Support

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1999 Alpha Centauri Heaven (microNOTIONS)
[Image/Sound Effect] from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri copyright 1998 Firaxis Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.