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cardsizeApplied RelativityApplied Relativity
Category: Discover 
   Level: 5 (D5a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Superconductor (C4c)
Adv Subatomic Theory (D3a)
@ Unified Field Theory (C7b)
@ Photon / Wave Mechanics (C6b)

Project: Supercollider
Applied RelativityApplied Relativity
Hints & Tips

Category: Build 
   Level: 5 (B5a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Gene Splicing (B3a)
Neural Grafting (C4b)
@ Retroviral Engineering (C6c)

Abilities: Clean Reactor
Project: Longevity Vaccine
Hints & Tips

Category: Discover 
   Level: 1 (D1a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
@ Secrets of the Human Brain (D2c)
@ Gene Splicing (B3a)

Facilities: Recycling Tanks
Project: Human Genome Project
Peacekeeping starts with this Tech
Hints & Tips

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