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cardsizePhoton / Wave MechanicsPhoton / Wave Mechanics
Category: Conquer 
   Level: 6 (C6b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Applied Relativity (D5a)
Silksteel Alloys (B4b)
@ Probability Mechanics (B7c)

Defenses: Photon Wall
Photon / Wave MechanicsPhoton / Wave Mechanics
Hints & Tips

cardsizePlanetary EconomicsPlanetary Economics
Category: Build 
   Level: 6 (B6b)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Environmental Economics (B5b)
Intellectual Integrity (E3b)
@ Quantum Power (D11a)
@ Sentient Econometrics (E11a)

Facilities: Hybrid Forest
Project: Ascetic Virtues
Planetary EconomicsPlanetary Economics
Hints & Tips

cardsizePlanetary NetworksPlanetary Networks
Category: Discover 
   Level: 2 (D2a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Information Networks (D1b)
@ Industrial Automation (B3b)
@ Cyberethics (B4a)

Weapons: Probe Team (Equipment)
Unit Types: Probe Team
Facilities: Hologram Theatre
Project: Virtual World
Socio/Economic Model: Planned
Citizens: Librarian
Planetary NetworksPlanetary Networks
Hints & Tips

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