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cardsizeTemporal MechanicsTemporal Mechanics
Category: Build 
   Level: 14 (B14a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Eudaimonia (E12a)
Matter Transmission (B13a)
@ Threshold of Transcendence (E15a)

Defenses: Stasis Generator
Temporal MechanicsTemporal Mechanics
Hints & Tips

cardsizeThe Will To PowerThe Will To Power
Category: Explore 
   Level: 9 (E9a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Homo Superior (E8b)
Centauri Psi (E8a)
@ Eudaimonia (E12a)
@ Secrets of Creation (D10c)

Project: Dream Twister
Socio/Economic Model: Thought Control
The Will To PowerThe Will To Power
Hints & Tips

cardsizeThreshold of TranscendenceThreshold of Transcendence
Category: Explore 
   Level: 15 (E15a)
Requires () / Allows (@):
Secrets of Creation (D10c)
Temporal Mechanics (B14a)
@ Transcendent Thought (D16a)

Projects: Voice of Planet
        Ascent to Transcendence
Threshold of TranscendenceThreshold of Transcendence
Hints & Tips

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