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Reliable Alpha Centauri Players forum    Reliable Alpha Centauri Players | How to join (it's free)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Official forum     Official Alpha Centauri Forums (includes new sections)
Firaxis site    Official Firaxis Forum
Alpha Centauri Zone forum     Alpha Centauri Zone Forum

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Alpha Centauri Heaven site    Alpha Centauri Heaven (you are here)
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: CaptComal
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri OFFICIAL site     Official Alpha Centauri Site (new and improved site!)
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Mike Ely
Firaxis site    Official Firaxis Site
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Mike Ely
button image n/a     Addicted to Alpha Centauri
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Eystein Hansen
button image n/a     Alpha Centauri Galactic Empire
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        A Game-Link site (last update 10/13/98)
Mars Society Button     Alpha Centauri: Mars Edition
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Adrian Hon
button image n/a     Alpha Centauri Nexus
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Will Moeller (frequent updates)
button image n/a     Alpha Centauri World
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Lyndon
Alpha Centauri Zone site     Alpha Centauri Zone
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Marian Hartel (frequent updates)
blank button     Alpha Centauri: The Next Generation Game
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: ? (last update Sep 15, 1998)
Beyond Alpha Centauri site     Apolyton CS
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        A GameStats site. Webmaster: Jason Beaudoin
button image n/a     Arrival
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Murmor
button image n/a     Dago's Alpha Centauri Site
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Dago (no updates to the site recently)
button image n/a     JJ's Alpha Centauri Page
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: JJ (last update Apr 98)
button image n/a     Mike Johnson's Civilization Empire
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Michael Johnson
button image n/a     The Mindworm
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmasters: SnowFire & Q Cubed (web-zine for Alpha Centauri)
button image n/a     SMAC Factions
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Eric Feay
button image n/a     SMAC Planet
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Josh Monson
button image n/a     SMAC: A Guide to the Game
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Pickle (last update Jan 98)
button image n/a     Stefans Strategy Page
blank-button.gif (171 bytes)        Webmaster: Stefan (no updates to the site recently)

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German Alpha Centauri Site

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ACPlanet (became a general game site)
Alpha Centauri Planet (see ACPlanet)
Archilles Alpha Centauri Page
Beyond Alpha Centauri (now called Apolyton CS)
Dante's Inferno Presents SMAC (no longer found)
Docking Bay: Alpha Centauri
(not really AC)
Unadulterated Alpha Centauri (merged with Beyond Alpha Centauri)

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Do we really need TWO webrings for Alpha Centauri? I don't think so. What do you think?

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Yes, now you can challenge CaptComal to a multiplayer game ... just keep the map tiny or small and settings at NO CLOCK. Contact by ICQ using the number published in the Reliable Alpha Centauri Players site or EMail to CaptComal@hotmail.com

If you find any errors please report them to CaptComal@hotmail.com so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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