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Gaia's Stepdaughters logo Gaian's Stepdaughters Leader Faction: Gaia's Stepdaughters
Base: Gaia's High Garden
Leader: Deirdre Skye
Agenda: Green Democracy
Free Tech: Centauri Ecology (E1a)
Prohibited Society Model: Free Market Economics
Human Hive logo Human Hive Leader Faction: The Human Hive
Base: The Hive
Leader: Sheng-ji Yang
Agenda: Atheist Police State
Free Tech: Doctrine: Loyalty (C2a)
Prohibited Society Model: Democratic Politics
Morgan Industries logo Morgan Industries leader Faction: Morgan Industries
Base: Morgan Industries
Leader: Nwabudike Morgan
Agenda: Free Market Economy; ProIndustry
Free Tech: Industrial Base (B1a)
Prohibited Society Model: Planned Economics
Peacekeeping Forces logo Peacekeeping Forces leader Faction: Peacekeeping Forces
Base: United Nations Headquarters
Leader: Pravin Lal
Agenda: Humanitarian Ideals, Democracy
Free Tech: Biogenetics (D1a)
Prohibited Society Model: Police State Politics
Spartan Federation logo Spartan Federation leader Faction: Spartan Federation
Base: Sparta Command
Leader: Corazon Santiago
Agenda: Right To Keep and Bear Arms
Free Tech: Doctrine: Mobility (E1b)
Prohibited Society Model: Wealth Values
Lord's Believers logo The Lord's Believers leader Faction: Lord's Believers
Base: New Jerusalem
Leader: Miriam Godwinson
Agenda: Life of Religious Worship
Free Tech: Social Psych (B1b)
Prohibited Society Model: Knowledge Values
University of Planet logo University of Planet leader Faction: University of Planet
Base: University Base
Leader: Prokhor Zakharov
Agenda: Research, Free Flow of Information
Free Tech: Information Networks (D1b)
Prohibited Society Model: Fundamentalist Politics

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Yes, now you can challenge CaptComal to a multiplayer game ... just keep the map tiny or small and settings at NO CLOCK. Contact by ICQ using the number published in the Reliable Alpha Centauri Players site or EMail to CaptComal@hotmail.com

If you find any errors please report them to CaptComal@hotmail.com so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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