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Coming January 1999 ... a Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy game from a Reputable Software Production Company ... Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri!

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A good place to get a good overview of just what Alpha Centauri is shaping up to be is with the Preview - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri in Computer Games Online posted 9/23/98.



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Buy Firaxis; For Interply*
Interply; Forget Interply*
Join the Crusade!

Dictionary definitions:
Inter: Bury
Ply: To twist together
Concocted Word (Interply): To bury together
Concoct: To prepare by combining diverse ingredients
Crusade: a reforming enterprise undertaken with zeal
Meaning: Alone a Software Company can take your money and run; Together we can prevail and bury those who prey on consumers.

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Yes, now you can challenge CaptComal to a multiplayer game ... just keep the map tiny or small and settings at NO CLOCK. Contact by ICQ using the number published in the Reliable Alpha Centauri Players site or EMail to CaptComal@hotmail.com

If you find any errors please report them to CaptComal@hotmail.com so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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